smores delight 118 slice of heaven





Fantasy Cheesecake  –   J.M. Rosen cheesecake with a layer of chocolate mousse and chocolate cake

Cheesecake  –   J.M. Rosen cheesecake served with raspberry sauce

Smores Delight  –   Our slice topped with chocolate sauce, graham crackers, peanut butter and marshmallos baked to perfection and then topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and nuts      $7.95

Warm Cookie Sundae - Vanilla Ice Cream over a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, nuts and a cherry

Devin's Slice of Heaven  –   Our slice topped with Nutella, vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and nuts

Root Beer Float  –   A classic, root beer and vanilla ice cream